Fox News "The Five" Bob Beckel The Daily Choker

Bob Beckel, the daily choker was at it again. Yesterday's show was about 20 seconds into the set and while Dana Perino was talking, Bob Beckel was in the background choking.  As each person talked, Bob choked and hacked away.

Then the infamous sound of him unwrapping candy could be heard. By the time it was his turn to talk, he was already happily slurping on a piece of candy.
Each day he is choking and hacking. Actually, there is never a day  he doesn't hack up a lung while he is on TV. The producers for some reason think that this is appropriate and that the viewers don't mind. Well, here is a news flash to the producers, "WE DO MIND".
No one else eats candy, coughs, swears,screams, has cell phones going off while on air. Beckel is the only one. I still can't believe that he is the best liberal that they could come up with. I know the pickings are slim, but really, I'd even take Alan Colmes over Bob Beckel.

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