Is Bob Beckel from Fox News a Dry Drunk?

I think Bob Beckel is a dry drunk! His behavior is typical of a dry drunk. Here is a link that you can compare the symptoms of a dry drunk and you can see for yourself.
The over inflated ego, the explosive outbursts, the name calling, inappropriate bigoted comments,etc. all are signs of a dry drunk.
Recently Bob Beckel received an award because he was a recovered alcoholic, which to me was a total sham. You would think they would have seen through his veil of deception. He was honored for helping others but he obviously still needs help himself.
He claims he is in the AA program but I think he needs to start over, try to get rid of his over inflated ego and work on getting come humility. AA has  helped thousands of people but the people need to stay active and seek constant help and support. Beckel's ego probably wouldn't let him do that.
Fox News has no business putting someone like this on one of their shows. DAILY the viewers are expected to over look his obnoxious behavior and crass comments.
The daily hacking, choking and runny nose, indicate there is something else going on.
I think the Five needs to become the Four and Beckel needs to work on his personal problems and his bigoted attitude.

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