Fox News Bob Beckel's Should be Fired For Sexual Harrassment

I found another classic sexual harassment example with Bob Beckel from The Five  on Fox News.  See if you think this is sexual harassment?
 Bob Beckel took his vulgar, hyper-sexual mouth  to a whole new level with this one. Andrea Tantaros was trying to wrap up her segment in a timely manner.  She was talking about the "Red Line in Syria" and  tease the next block, Bob was babbling on and on: Seemingly irritated by his ramblings,  Andrea chided, “Bob, as my tenth grade biology teacher used to say, ‘Give the gums a rest!’”* To which Bob slobbered the words, “Hey, gum this!”
How can this go on and on without Fox firing this slob? Are the producers sleeping? Is the HR department closed?
He needs to go!

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