Fox News Bob Beckel Brags About Punching A Woman In The Face

Fox News Democrat political hack, Bob Beckel today bragged about punching a woman in the face. He actually called the woman a "broad" and said she bit him in his collar bone and she would have killed him if he didn't punch her in the face.
Naturally all his buddies on The Five giggled and laughed at his admission to assaulting a woman. Does he know this is a crime he admitted to on TV? Does Fox even care that this is who they have working for them? I guess now Fox News proves that 1.) it is OK to make sexist comments like calling women "broads". Beckel did it repeatedly on the show and 2.) I guess Fox News condones punching women in the face.
The proof will be if we tune in tomorrow and Beckel is back on again, leaning on the desk and hacking up a lung as usual.
If Fox doesn't approve of Beckel abusing women, then they will have replaced him and announce that they have replaced him because they do not condone beating women.
Have some respect for your viewers Fox. Fire Beckel and send a message that NO it is not OK to beat women.

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