Is Fox News Sexist With All The Cleavage & Short Skirts ?

Since Fox News must think that showing cleavage & wearing short skirts attracts viewers and will score them the high ratings. I really think that the newsroom is a professional workplace and  both women and men should be expected to dress in a professional manner. Would you want to go to a Dr. and he is wearing just a pair of short shorts and his lab coat?
Why is it that Fox thinks that the Anchor women need to be showing off their "assests"? I really think it is inappropriate and is distracting from the news that is being reported. Who is going to take these women serious?
Meanwhile the men sit in their suits and ties. Let's see some skin from the men. I am calling for a wardrobe makeover for Steve Doocey, Brain Kilmead,  Jon Scott, Bill Hemmer, Eric Bolling, Greg Gutfield, Jesse Waters, Tucker Carlson, Clayton Morris etc. should all be a little more camera friendly and show some skin. No shirts and  silk running shorts would be perfect.  Bob Beckel is not included in this new wardrobe change.
Fair and balanced, right?

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