Fox News The Five~ Dana Perino Plastic Surgery or Botox Filler Pics? A look after the Fox News Makeover

Did you ever wonder why the women on Fox News have smooth, over inflated faces, lips and necks? We all know that by the time you are in your 20's, your face will start to have lines, wrinkles, freckles,etc. Not on Fox.
To me, Dana Perino looks fairly natural. She obviously gets some filler, Botox and I think she has veneers on her teeth. But I found this picture and it looks like Fox News must have had her filled up.  She has that Kimberly Guilfoyle Android look.
Thank God Dana wised up and didn't continue on with this  injected look.
What do you think?

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  1. Obviously still using fillers and looks so stiff and expressionless. Her new teeth are much too big. She appears to be unreal and strange when talking.