Democrat Ted Lieu Calls For Fox News Bob Beckel's Resignation

Looks like Bob Beckel's racist mouth got him in trouble and this time Fox News just might have to address it. Democrat Senator Ted Lieu is calling for his resignation. The article is posted below so you can see what he said.
I am willing to bet that either nothing will be said OR  Beckel will come on the show to day and give one of his apologies that he doesn't mean and it will just be a day or two and he will make another bigoted comment or launch another attack on either a Jew, a Republican, a "Tea-Bagger", an Asian, a Southerner,etc.
He is one of Obama hacks who doesn't have a shred of intellectual honesty and shows his racist agenda daily. But it is not considered racists since it is not against Blacks or Latino's. All other groups are not ever protected.
Fox is going to end up getting sued if they don't get rid of this racist. Click here for the article.

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