Fox News Megyn Kelly Interviews Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers And Avoids Tough Questions

Fox News Liberal Anchor, Megyn Kelly interviewed Weather Underground Bill Ayers which aired for 2 nights.Part 1 and part 2 which can be seen on Fox Scat.  
With her manly voice, she threw him question after question and would sit quietly, and listen to his response. He would say " I didn't have anything to do with that" and she would say " but the report said you did" and he would continue to deny it. Megyn Kelly then would just back down and say " OK" and she would move on.
At times she would giggle, laugh and smile at the domestic terrorist Bill Ayers as she lobbed him questions. When it came to questions about his relationship with Obama,  acted like they barely knew each other. Megyn Kelly never asked the main question which was " If you were not close to him, why did you write the forward to his book, why did you have his kick off fundraiser at your home and why did you both serve on boards together that decided where donated funds were going to go"?
Also, Megyn Kelly is normally very rude to her guests with her constant interrupting. During her interview with terrorist Bill Ayers, she never interrupted him. She would respectfully refer to him as "Sir" and "Professor".
Watch the videos and then watch the video's of her interview with Vice President Dick Cheney and you can clearly see the difference. She attacked Vice President Cheney to the point that the left loons were cheering her on the next day. But her interview with terrorist Bill Ayers, she was respectful, didn't interrupt him and avoided the questions about Obama that she should have asked. Her Liberal roots were fully on display.
Actually, my question is why did she give him this platform? Why did Fox News give him the platform? What next? Will they have other terrorists on to ask them soft ball questions?

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