Fox News- Megyn Kelly, Elizabeth Hasselbeck & Gretchen Carlson Are Always Taking Vacation

Fox News seems to play favorites when it comes to their anchors.
 If you remember when Gretchen was on Fox and Friends, she was always taking days off.  It seemed like she was off at least once a week and then would take long stretches off.
Even when Gretchen was moving from Fox and Friends, she took a couple months off in between the transition. She might have had to take the time off for healing after plastic surgery. She did appear looking very fresh and "surprised". 

Now that Gretchen has her own show, she doesn't take off quite as much. But the shouting liberal, Megyn Kelly and the squeaky mouse, Elizabeth Hasslebeck are off again.
I'm not complaining because Anna Kooiman always fills in for Hasslebeck and that is a pleasure to see/hear her in the AM vs Hasslebeck's annoying voice and to have to sit through those animated facial expressions of Elizabeth's.
When the shouting liberal, Megyn Kelly is vacationing, Martha MacCullum fills in. I wish she would be the one that fills that seat every night. She does a much better job and doesn't have to scream and interrupt her guests like Megyn Kelly does. But Fox wants their liberal anchors like Shephard Smith, Megyn Kelly, Bob Beckel, Greta Van Susteren, etc.
One things for sure, no one can say Fox News is Sexist. They have the majority of their anchors and hosts are women and the women and then there are the select few women who get to play their games and take off as much work as they can.
Whether is it for plastic surgery healing or just because they are being pampered, Fox News absolutely lets the women anchors have benefits that the men do not have.

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