Fox News Liberal of The Day Bob Beckel

We get a lot of people email us and saying that Fox News is just a bunch of  Republicans who are" old, hatin white men". And while Fox Scat writers are all Independent voters, and we have no problem calling out both sides, we want to feature some of Fox News  Liberals.
We are starting to post "Liberal of the Day" . We invite you to Google them for yourself and you will  get to see these  young,cool and hip, die hard Liberals/Progressives:
Bob Beckel:
Equipped with his BA in Fine Arts degree, Beckel's Bio includes:Political Manager of failed Mondale campaign. It was during this failed campaign that Beckel stole the tag line from Wendy's " Where's the beef". He also worked on Al Gore's campaign and was caught trying to bribe the electoral college to vote for Gore even through the people wanted them to vote for Bush. He was relieved of his duties after this illegal act was discovered.
Also, he proudly wears a badge of honor for  him being a drunk and drug addict which he claims he has stopped. Fox Scat thinks he is a dry drunk.
He also was a victim of black male by his prostitute "Tiffany". He is also a self proclaimed Mensa Member and brags about punching a women in the face.
Viewers, on a daily basis, are made aware that Beckel hates Republicans, "tea baggers", Jews, Southerners, Asians, Military (although he claims he likes them but listen to his rants), Muslim students (his prostitute was  in a Muslim group), Col. Allen West, Charles Krauthammer, Donald Trump, The Koch Brothers, etc.  
Tune into the Five to see Beckel's daily rants and tantrums as he screams his bigoted attacks  and slobbers, snorts, grunts and coughs  his way through his lies for a hour daily.

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