Is Fox News's Bob Beckel Really Darth Vader with COPD

I would like to know if Fox News has anyone actually watch the shows and see how the various clowns come across looking like or  what they sound like.
Fox News likes to parade Bob Beckel around from show to show as the "liberal expert" and we all know that nothing but Liberal talking points and lies pour from his mouth. With that said, do they not listen to this guy?
Between the hacking and coughing, out comes this phlegmy disgusting breathing that one could misinterpret
as Darth Vader with COPD.
I would like to make a suggestion to the sound engineers on Fox News.  Please turn off his mic while he is not talking. That way we don't have to listen to his guttural noises, burps, slobbering, gasping for air,etc.

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