Bob Beckel's Schmooze Fest With Megyn Kelly Continues

The Schmooze Fest from Bob Beckel marches on. Yesterday each host on  Fox News " The Five" brought up books that they have read and were reviewing. The Botox'd Toad, Bob Beckel, announced that he "wasn't asked to say this" but went onto say  Megyn Kelly's husband's Douglas Brunt newest book, "The Means" is a great book to read.
I am willing to bet that Beckel has not read the book and is simply schmoozing, yet again. I seem to remember when Kelly pushed her way into the "prime time spot" Beckel once again used the line " I was not told to say this" and proceeded to promote Kelly's  new show.
The book is fiction and evidently Brunt interviewed politicians and campaigners to get an inside look behind the scenes into what goes on during these campaigns. He even interviewed political hack Beckel. So I guess he wanted to know why campaigns failed as well as success stories.
It sure sounds like a nail biter to me.

You can get your copy today.......

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