Is Megyn Kelly The Barbara Walters Of Our Time?

Today, the self proclaimed Mensa Member, Bob Beckel stated that Megyn Kelly Is the Barbara Walters of our time! Yep! You heard that right!
Bob Beckel has managed to slither his way onto every show. The Five, Happening Now (with Martha), Out Numbered, On the Record (Greta) On the Record ( Oreilly) and the only two shows he hasn't weaseled his way onto is Special Report (Brett Baier) and The Kelly File.
So I have been noticing that he has really been lobbing compliments Kelly's way and so I knew he was in full "schmooze mode". Today was actually laughable. When I heard him say she is the "Barbara Walters of our time" I knew he now must be going in for the grand finale schmooze.
I am sure if Barbara Walters heard that non-sense, she  would have been livid.
Look to see how long it takes to see the Botox'd toad on the Kelly File.

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