Fox News Bob Beckel Threatens Reporter and Says " Better Bring A Knife"

Bob Beckel one again taken his vile thug mentality to another level.
The Five showed a video of  reporter Jason Mattera from confronted Lois Lerner while she was walking her dog and  questioned her about her targeting conservatives. Lois proceeded to walk up to a strangers home and knock on the door and tell the woman to open the door and let her in. She wanted to call the police. Meanwhile the owner of the home refused and the owners husband walked up and told Jason Mattera that he didn't want Lois Lerner in his home. Jason left the property as Lois proceeded to attempt to get into another persons home.
As soon as the video was over, Bob Beckel, started his screaming, foaming at the mouth attack on Jason Mattera, calling him a punk and said  that he knew Jason was half his age but he wanted him to call the Fox Studio and get his address and meet him and he was going to kick is $#@. Then he went on and screamed that  Jason better " bring a knife".
What is the matter with Fox News that they let this idiot remain on their show?  He breaking the law and could and should be arrested for his blatant threats of bodily harm.
I think Jason Mattera should press charges against Bob Beckel and I do think that Fox News needs to start being responsible and fire Bob Beckel.

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