Fox News Megyn Kelly Election Night Wardrobe Prediction

Megyn Kelly, once again, has been selected to host the returns on election night.  We still can't figure out why Fox News keeps selecting her as their star anchor to host election results.
She was selected to host the presidential election returns as well. You might remember that scene of her strolling down the hallway, with her big childbearing hips swaying as she tried her best to look sexy for the camera. No idea what that was about but I think she was trying to show off her legs, but whatever was her reasoning, it probably was best if she stayed seated. She is not as sexy as she thinks she is.
Now we know that Megyn Kelly has skeleton arms that have not one once of muscle, but even in the worst snowstorms, she insists on wearing sleeveless dresses. Now here comes the is Fox Scat's prediction that Megyn Kelly, with her skeleton arms, will opt for her "election return outfit" and she will cover the bones and implants with a blazer. In her little mind, she will think that this will make her look important and wise.
But, you can be sure that if she doesn't take off Wednesday to recuperate, she will appear again on Wednesday night with her pastey, white bones sticking out from her dress. She will hang her blazer up until the next time she has to look intelligent and official.

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