Tough Guy Bob Beckel Threatens Man With Knife & Hides When Confronted

I am sure that all the Fox News who tune into "The Five" are aware of Bob Beckel  slobbering out his physical threat to Jason Mattera for Jason questioning Lois Lerner, while she was out on the street walking her dog.
Bob Beckel called Jason Mattera a  “lousy, lying, un-American punk” and challenged him to pick the time and place to have his ass kicked  and then  he even interrupted again to add, "he better bring a knife”.
Jason Mattera immediately offered to meet Beckel by appearing on The Five. Jason not only called, tweeted Beckel's Publicist as well as his producers. Crickets.......
Now the group "Young America's Foundation (YAF) is involved and they have issued an invitiation to, big tough guy Bloated Botox'd Bob:

Young America’s Foundation has extended an invitation to liberal pundit, Bob Beckel, to debate New York Times bestselling author and Foundation alumnus Jason Mattera.
This invitation came after Mattera released a video of him questioning former IRS official Lois Lerner. This video went viral and was discussed on The Five on Fox News. During the show, Bob Beckel challenged Jason Mattera and even threatened him for his “interrogation” of Lerner.
Since the heated display, Mattera has tried to take Beckel up on his challenge and debate Beckel publicly–but Beckel has yet to agree. It is our hope that Beckel will agree to participate in the event and that a lively debate will be had.

I am sure that this invitation fell on deaf ears. Bloated Botox'd Bob is just an old, intellectually challenged political hack that Fox News really needs to fire.

Think about it, do you know any other TV host that threatens people to a knife fight on air? His attacks, racial slurs, bigoted remarks, sexist statements,etc. are offensive and I would say, even illegal at times. Yet Fox News allows him to get away with it. If he was a Conservative, he would have been fired long ago.

Let's see if Jason Mattera can get Beckel to put his fork down long enough to respond to Jason or to the Young America's Foundation. I am not going to hold my breath on this one.

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