What Does Fox News Liberal Heather Nauert Have In Common With A Dead Spider?

For anyone who watches Fox News, you would be aware that Liberal Heather Nauert is now filling in for new Mom, Jenna Lee on "Happening Now" with Jon Scott. I normally don't listen to any show she is on because she likes to talk over everyone and talk down to everyone. The Liberal Chicago host seems to need to prove that she is smarter than everyone she is with, but recently I made a discovery. The 44 yr old Heather Nauert tends to resemble a dead spider. When she co-hosts "Happening Now" she likes to sit with her legs pointing off to the side, like a dead spider's legs would be. I often wonder if Fox News Producers can see what we can see. Do they not see that her sitting with her legs in a quasi horizontal manner isn't a really a good look? Taller people have sat in that chair and they are able to control the placement of their legs. Simple leg crossing works for everyone else. Unfortunately Heather Nauert has taken on the look of a dead spider. Heather hails from Chicago and is married to an investment broker and has 2 children AND legs like a spider!

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