What Happened to Fox News Bob Beckel's "October Surprise"?

Well, it is November and for 1 month we had to listen to Fox News Bob Beckel brag about how he had the  scoops about an upcoming October Surprise.
He insinuated that he has some direct line with the top Democrats and he gets all the "insider" info and there was a BIG October Surprise coming. Even 2 days before November, Dana Perino reminded him what he had said and she asked him what happened to the October Surprise and he smugly responded " we have 2 days left".
Well, October 31 came and went and not one of his co-hosts mentioned the "October Surprise".  Fox Producers must have told the rest of the hosts to not mention Beckel's latest false claim.  But Fox Scat noticed it, and I am sure our readers noticed it.
What's new? Nothing! Beckel lied again and Fox News covered up for him.

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  1. Yes, he may have lied , but he's a liberal. What can I say? and what he says is NOT news, it's commentary--and from a liberal perspective. They don't know how to tell the truth.