Why Does Fox News Push Plastic Surgery Queen Megyn Kelly On US?

With the upcoming elections, I keep hearing the Plastic Surgery Queen, Megyn Kelly say " tune in to see " yours truly" cover the election.
Why is it that she was selected? Does she have the most experience with Washington, the White House and  Elections? I don't think so. While she was jumping from husband to husband and spawning like a salmon. Meanwhile, others were actually working on campaigns, in the White House and working with elections.
What about Andrea Tantaros? She actually worked in Washington and worked on campaigns, How about Dana Perino? She was Press Secretary for President George W. Bush and worked on campaigns and worked in the White House.
But instead, Fox News picks Megyn Kelly. She will show up with her famous "look at me, I am wearing a black blazer" and her hair  doll hair extensions and her loud screaming, man voice and we will have to listen to her non-sense all night.
I think Meygn Kelly must have spent a lot of time, crawling around on her knees, under someone's desk for her to be put up on a pedestal at Fox with the little experience she has.
Now, if they wanted someone to report on birthing methods, then she would be the one to choose. She popped out 3 kids in less than 5 yrs when she was over 38.  So is obviously has a lot of experience in that arena. But elections? Not so much.
I for one, will take a pass on Megyn and her straw doll hair. I'll tune into CNN an listen to someone with real experience.

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