Ainsley Earnhardt's Wedding Pictures With New Husband

Fox News beauty,  Ainsley Earnhardt was born on 9/20/76 in South Carolina and ended up marrying her college sweetheart, Kevin McKinney.  He was a medical supplies salesman. They married in 2005. Ainsley and her husband went on vacation and she returned with no wedding ring. They were divorced in 2007. She was single from 2007- 20012. Sounds
Once on Fox News " Out Numbered", the ladies were talking about cheating men and she said “And, listen, it was all good! It’s for the best. Now, I’m married to an amazing guy!”
Could it be that her ex-husband cheated on Ainsley while on vacation? What a fool.
Oct. 13, 2012, she married retired Pro football player Will Proctor.  He was a former Clemson quarterback.
Ainsley is 5'6 weighs 110 pounds, and rocks measurements 35-24-36. Rumors are that  her salary is $400,000 and she has a net worth of 5 million dollars.
Check out her wedding pics. I spotted Andrea Tantaros and Kimberly Guilfoyle in the one group shot.

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