Fox News Bob Beckel appears with Bloody Wound On Arm on The Five

Fox News channel decided for some reason to bring back Bob Beckel to star on "The Five".
He is still a blob and contributes nothing to the show. Once again he is screaming, butting in, 
stares at himself in the monitor as he threatens President Trump or one of the viewers. 
He's a real piece of work!
Before he was fired from Fox for doing drugs and appearing on the show drunk, he seemed to
always have hand wounds. Bloody knuckles, MRSA infected wounds,etc.
Now he appeared again with a dirty, homemade bandage on his left hand and blood on his arm
 as well as an open slice on his arm.
His tie was askew and he claimed his shirt didn't fit which was why he looked so disheveled. 
Later,  with his hand trembling, he took off his tie with his bloody hand and offered it to the viewers
 as a prize to the first person who can bring forth evidence that there was wire tapping at Trump Towers.
Kimberly Guilfolye, risked her health and grabbed the tie to show the viewers it was covered with
 food and stains. I am sure there was a lot more on that tie that only a black light would expose.
So if you want to get in on that contest, contact Bob "the slob" Beckel and give him the evidence
 he is demanding and you will be the proud owner of the bloody tie.
I would really like to know what the executives were thinking at Fox News, when they made the
 decision to bring him back.

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