Fox News~ Bob Beckel Always Sceams " ONE MORE THING"

I am completely convinced that the producers of Fox News Channel " The Five" have to be sleeping at the helm. Each day, the offensive, rude, Bob Beckel announces the upcoming segment " One More Thing". We have sat through witnessing this buffoon announcing it by screaming it into Kimberly Guilfoyle's ear for 2 years.
She in turn, giggles like a school girl and acts surprised as she covers her ears. Some days she playfully smacks him and others she accuses him of being mean to her. Oh please! Do they really think the viewers are that ignorant that they believe this little charade? How insulting!
Kimberly is supposed to be this intelligent woman, yet he manages to catch her off guard every time she is on? For 2 years? Really Kimberly? He is still catching you off guard?
He doesn't do this little game with Andera Tantero because she would not tolerate this stupidity.
For some reason Fox producers think this is funny as Bob screams and slobbers in her ear. If you watch it in HD, you will get to witness the spray of saliva that hits Kimberly's extensions and the side of her face.
I don't know about you, but the only time I will enjoy this little antic of Bob's, will be the day he screams too forcefully and his dentures fly out.
Until then, I will continue to be annoyed by Bob's daily "One More Thing" antic.

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