Thank You to Fox News show The Five- Bob Beckel!

Thanks to Bob Beckel, I now have learned to lip read. When Bob Beckel yacks on relentlessly, I can't understand a word he says so have to read his lips.
It makes me wonder why the producers do not send him to a speech pathologist to help him enunciate his words. He always sounds like a slobbering drunk.

Between the slobbering and his daily choking, he is just disgusting. I have no idea why they hired him in the first place but now I can't understand why they keep him.
Beckel is my #1 Fox scat man. Horrible to look at, dirty old man, rude, lies, makes up his own stats, screams daily,insults everyone, swears, chokes daily, slobbers, forgets to shut his cell phone off and always says "it's my bookie". Can the producers not control this buffoon?  Bob Beckel lives in the past and his claim to fame is that he was a campaign manager for a failed political campaign. (Mondale) If I have to hear about his ex-wife, his drug days, being a drunk or his sex life one more time, I am going to get sick.
Was he really the best liberal Fox could come up with?

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