Who Does Fox News, Megyn Kelly Know? Why does Fox News have her on a pedestal?

Fox News Megyn Kelly- The Kelly File 
Who does Megyn Kelly know? I don't get it. This woman has had 3 kids and after 2 of them, she has been promoted. She had her first baby and at the time she was co-anchoring with Bill Hemmer. She returns from her leave and gets promoted to her own show.
Now she has her third baby and makes the decision that her and her husband want her to be home more with the babies. The result? Now Greta is in the 7pm time slot, O'Reilly is at 8pm, Queen Megyn Kelly has gotten her way and she is bumping Hannity to 10pm and she is taking the 9pm time slot.
Who lost out? Shephard Smith has basically lost his job.  He will be covering stories when something happens. But other than that, he is gone so that the slots could open up for the Queen.
Megyn Kelly is a lawyer, but doesn't have that much experience. She must have been so infatuated with her "beauty" that she quickly stopped practicing law and jumped right into TV.  Lawyers are a dime a dozen on Fox, so that is not a big deal. She is not as pretty or as young as many of the others but she is in the top 5  of  the self-absorbed on Fox.
Megyn Kelly tries to be funny, but she is not. She tries to be cute, but she annoying.  She tries to be young and hip, but she is not. She is in her 40's with 3 kids.
Do we really have to hear about Nana daily? At least now that she is on at 9pm, Nana will hopefully be sleeping so we don't have to listen to her talk to Nana on her show. The audience doesn't care about Nana.
So the question is, who does she know? Why is Fox News putting Megyn Kelly up on a pedestal?

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