Fox New's The Five Bob Beckel Is An Old Pervert

Why is it that Fox News Producers on "The Five" think it is funny when Bob Beckel makes his constant perverted comments?
Each day  we have to struggle to understand what he is saying as he babbles his words making  up his own statistics,lies, and talks about things that happened long before we were born.
But never is there a day that this dirty old perv doesn't make some gross, crude and just disgusting sexual comments.
Why The Five producers let this nasty old pervert talk like this is beyond me.
Men talking like that is a sure sign of an old man who's private parts have shriveled up and no longer works. No one is fooled by his odd fascination with  sex.  He is  probably covering up for the  empty sack of skin that he has to hide in his dirty,stained briefs.
While he is busy drooling over pictures of girls that could be his great granddaughters, I am sure the viewers are gagging.
He's not funny and the producers should stop this nonsense or they should post a warning before he says one of his disgusting comments.
Go Away Bob! It's time for you to move on to MSNBC

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