Who Is More Annoying of Fox and Friends hosts, Gretchen Carlson or Elizabeth Hasslebeck?

Elisabeth Hasselbeck
Elizabeth Hasslebeck
Gretchen Carlson

Sounding off.......
Fox News made the decision a few months back to replace the 47 yr old, violin playing, beauty queen with the 36 yr old reality show star with the Minnie Mouse voiced, Elizabeth Hasslebeck. 
Gretchen Carlson was annoying but she took so much time off of work that her annoyance wasn't a big factor. I was more annoyed with her constant taking time off from work while the other 2  male hosts rarely took a day off yet she was the very one who would always be picking a fight with her co-hosts about equality for women.
Fox rewarded her with her own show. Now somehow she manages to get to work everyday. Funny how that works.
Since Gretchen Carlson  has her own show,  we have to deal with Hasslebeck. Her high pitched, squeaky voice and her animated facial expressions are a constant annoyance and makes me find more and more excuses to leave the room rather than sit through a segment with her doing an interview. She comes across as really fake. I just can't see how long she will be sitting on the curvy couch.
Hasslebeck wears skirts that barely cover her lady parts, which is another reason she probably was given the job. Fox seems to put sex appeal at the top of their requirements for a position. (no pun intended)
Which one do you find more annoying? Do tell.....

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  1. Hasselbeck! I can't even watch Fox and Friend because I have to listen to that horrible voice. When she has to do a serious story, it is just too much to stand. What was Fox thinking bringing this woman on as their morning show host?????