Fox News Megyn Kelly Does Not Use Sex To Sell Herself

Megyn Kelly doesn't want us to think of her as selling herself with sex. She wants us to take her as a serious journalist. Gee, what would make us think that she is using sex to sell herself?
Fox news is on a campaign to push Kelly for some reason. They Bill OReilly introducing her "coming up next" after his show as well as have everyone fawning over her.  Bob Beckel brought her up on his "one more thing" segment of  The Five and then slipped and said that he was asked to talk about her.
She is hitting the talk show circuit and now as we can see pictures surface of her posing like this. Now I don't know about you but I would say that this is a picture of someone who is using sex to sell themselves. I also would like to know when she was able to grow this pair of fun bags? I think the Fox News's plastic surgeon might have helped her with that.
Fox News is pushing for the younger audience and  as you can see, Megyn Kelly is happy to use sex to attract viewers.
Short, tight skirts, 6" heels, sleeveless dresses in the winter and see through, glass desk is the perfect formula to attract the younger male audience. Meanwhile the women viewers get to  sit back and wonder why Megyn thinks she needs to scream her lines as she reads from her teleprompter.

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