Why Does Fox News Megyn Kelly Always Dress Like She Is Going Clubbing?

Fox News Megyn Kelly would be one of the first ones to scream " I am woman hear me roar" yet she sits every night, perched in her high chair with her stick legs perched on a cleverly placed acrylic box under her clear desk.  Also, the studio is 65 degrees yet she insists on wearing sleeveless dresses showing off her twig arms and a tight fitting, short dress that dips down showing her newly "developed" lady bags.
In an interview by GQ magazine in 2010 she was asked about her feelings about her leg shots and she nonchalantly replied  “Well, it’s a visual business. People want to see the anchor.”  During the interview, she chose to wear a tiny black slip  as a dress, stiletto and Louboutins  and made sure that her lady bags were pouring out of her tiny dress.  She obviously is trying sell her sexuality.
The "hot" factor is missing with Kelly. She has stick legs and twig arms that are not toned. This woman obviously isn't visiting a gym.
Fox is desperate for ratings trying to put her out there as the " hot one". She is just a bony anchor who loves to spend 1 hr a night screaming her  prepared lines that she reads off the teleprompter.
She could be taken much more serious if she stopped screaming, quit interrupting her guests and last but not least, cover up that bony body!

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