Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly's plastic surgery Before and After Pics

Megyn Kelly's Plastic Surgery
Credit:Fox News
You can look at this picture and say that it looks like her and "No" she hasn't had any work done. At least that is what she leads her viewers to believe. But it doesn't take a trained eye to detect that she has had much work done.
It is obvious that she gets routine Botox and fillers. But Megyn Kelly doesn't stop there, she obviously has had at least 2 rhinoplasty procedures.
She probably should have stopped with the first one because now her nose is starting to take on the Michael Jackson look. It appears to have collapsed on top of the one nostril.
Additionally, since she insists on always wearing her sleeveless dresses, you will be able to see her scar from her breast augmentation in her armpit area. When she raises her arms it is obvious. The scars are always a straight line and tend to not heal flat.So when the patient raises their arms it stands out and appears to look like stretched skin.
According to plastic surgeon  Dr. John Di Saia, Megyn Kelly said that she’s likely had some work done on her breasts and possibly a rhinoplasty. She most likely enhanced her look with breast implants and refined her nose with rhinoplasty.
Her original nose (pictured below)  was large and bulbous and in her stripper picture, she has obviously had her nose done once. But her updated picture below will show a Michael Jackson nose with it starting to collapse.
Also, I believe she has also had veneers put on her teeth. In close up shots you will see her top teeth are white and huge and her lower teeth are small, crooked and yellow
So you be the judge to see if Kelly has had any work done. Or is she au natural as she claims she is?
Credit: AOL
Megyn Kelly with Michael Jackson nose and Skeletor fingers. Someone please give this woman a sandwich.
Megyn Kelly 
Credit: The Washington Post/Getty Images


  1. I only did a Google search on "Megyn Kelly - nose job" because her nose looks half its old length. Doesn't look natural now.

  2. Seriously? Whoever wrote this sounds like a jealous high school girl who probably never got picked for sports teams in gym class. Anyway, I was actually hoping Megyn would just admit to having work done because I would love to know who her doctor is so that I can make an appointment with him! When you find that out, please post the info.

  3. Obvious nose is crooked and unnatural looking. Megyn went to my high school and was into hockey, basketball and was captain of the cheerleaders. She was normal looking, but opted for the big veneers, M. Jackson nose and hair extensions. Very unnatural. Her nose looks out of joint, but what REALLY got it out of joint was Donald Trump talking back to her. She isn't used to that. LOL

  4. So what's the point of all this?

  5. Kelly is pretty and sad that she cut her hair cause the short hair that she is wearing makes her look much older. I couldn't understand that. Whoever is giving her advice must surely have a secret dislike for her. What I do think like about what she is doing is that she is showing a clear dislike against Trump. She used to be unbiased and she has changed. I hope that she gets this message.
    God bless her family.