Why Doesn't Fox Channel Fire Bob Beckel?

I still try to figure out what exactly Fox News Channel sees in Bob Beckel.  They parade him around from show to show and let this buffoon co-host "The Five". He is nothing more than a hack for the Dems but it doesn't stop him from appearing on Bill O'Reilly.
Yesterday he sat and pouted when Bolling shut him down and he wasn't able to interrupt for the 1,000th time. The rest of the show he sat and pouted and wouldn't participate in any more conversations.
If you haven't watched "The Five", you really should tune in to see Beckel's daily antics.  Choking daily, slouching on the desk like a sloth, sucking on candy while on the air, cell phone ringing which he will always say " oh that is my bookie", daily he comments about some type of drugs. Recently his drug of choice to talk about is meth and of course he likes to make his sexual comments. Daily he has at least one outburst and will always insult someone by calling them a name, threatening them or drops an F bomb and claims he didn't know they were on the air.
The party doesn't stop there. Then we deal with his daily lies, made up statistics, and let's not forget him bringing up his ex-wife, his drug/drinking past, and his supposed football career. (eyes rolling)
Beckel can't stand Chinese, people from the South, Conservatives, NRA members, Tea Party members, Alan West, Glenn Beck,etc and he doesn't hide his hatred.  Also, he seems to have these strange outbursts about Muslim students and the "radicals". He will go off on these odd triads about them. It didn't make any sense to me since he is a radical leftie until I found out that the prostitute that he got busted with and her "manager" were Middle Eastern. Could this explain his odd hatred for Muslim students?
The producers let him make bigoted, racial comments and insults and the rest of the team giggle nervously or try to cover for him but it  does not erase an avalanche of nasty rhetoric, smears, and misinformation that the viewers have already had to endure the daily insults.
Beckel is always talking about Mondale and people from decades ago since he ran Mondale's failed campaign and also worked for Carter. So his bio is filled a list of failures but Fox loves him.
He likes to bring up his father and how his father  was a big civil rights protester and claims they were there with Martin Luther King during his march and also in the hotel when he was killed. Odd there are never any pictures of Bob and his Dad and King? Hmmm?
In a conversation with Bill O’Reilly, Beckel said: “When I was a kid, my father took me to a polling booth and said ‘Son, you see that Democratic lever. You pull it and all good things will happen. Women, Jobs. Cars. You pull that Republican lever, you’re gonna die.’” 
I am sure this is just another lie. What father would tell a kid something like that? If it is true, then it explains maybe why he is such a hate filled, intolerant person.
 I do not think the man has an original thought in his head....He is what is wrong with this country and politics in general.
He is a an old, bloated bully who is trying to stay relevant and since he has nothing to say, he plays games and displays these antics daily as his cover. 
Now I just have to figure out why Fox doesn't fire him and replace him with a liberal with a brain. Enough of this hate filled, lying, misogynist piece of excrement. Time for Bob to go!

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