Screaming Megyn Kelly on Fox News

Am I the only one annoyed by Megyn Kelly's constant screaming?  I have no idea why it is that she feels the need to scream her lines as she reads her prepared lines off the teleprompter. She does it even with her guests. She will get louder and louder as she constantly interrupts them.
 Her journalism is lacking so volume is her answer.
Besides the screaming, each night Megyn Kelly morphs into a "silly little college girl" and makes sexual jokes and giggles her way through the segment. Desperate!
I know Fox News is promoting her to attract the younger viewers but I am in the demographics that they are trying to attract and I find her beyond annoying.
I wish Sean Hannity was still in the 9pm time slot. At least he is professional and interesting.


  1. Megyn Kelly is the best. Love her show. I disagree with the criticisms of her above.

  2. Megyn is great. Love her show. She is the best,

  3. Megyn Kelly needs to quit screaming and quit interrupting her guests. She is actually hard to watch.

  4. Thumbs up. The majority of sophisticated Americans would completely agree, especially in replacing Megan Kelly with Hannity. When I'm simply listening to the news and say surfing the web ... Then Megan Kelly breaks in it's an unfortunate inconvenience, my attention is fixed solely to changing the channel... click ...ahhh the dreadful woman has been silenced. Back to what I was doing before I was so rudely interrupted! P.S. I noticed the only two likes for Megan Kelly are by the same person, I must assume the same story is unfolding for her ratings.