Should Fox News Fire The Violent Bob Beckel?

The bloated, Botox'd toad, Beckel threw another on-air tantrum like he was a spoiled 2yr old child on Friday. Well, not just one. Actually, there were 3 separate outbursts in just this one show. First one he attempted to punch Eric, the second time he attempted to strike Eric with what appeared to be a clip board and for his grand finale he open a box of chocolates, stuffed his mouth and then threw the remainder of the candy and then the box at Eric.

On top of the 3 tantrums, he also insulted Southerners by mocking them, then didn't miss his chance to make 2 separate sexual comments to Kimberly.

How long would you last at your job if you acted like this?

Now tell me why Fox News doesn't fire this moron for his unseemly behavior.
Everyday that I see Bob Beckel insulting someone, name calling , spewing his progressive hate speech and throwing his tantrums, I grow more sick of it. Doesn't Fox News Producers have any standards of decency anymore?  Daily this cretin carries on without punishment.  Where is Fox News Human Resource Manager?
Bullying and violence is his normal behavior and no one says a word. Tell me that this behavior would be tolerated if he was Gretchen Carlson or Bill O'reilly. Roger Ailes turns a blind eye to Beckel.
Eric is a very kind man because no one else would sit there time after time and tolerate these outbursts.  
Take a look at the pictures below and you will see proof of his violence on-air. It is time for Beckel to move on. 

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