Political Hack Bob Beckel from FOX News show The Five

 Is it just me or are you exhausted from hearing Beckel talk about what a tough guy he was and  how he was a drunk and a drug addict who has non-stop sex? Where are the producers?

This guy drags us back into his past everyday. I guess he thinks the viewers care about  the daily walk down memory lane. It's not relevant and we do not want to hear it. 95% of it is probably a lie.

Beckel is so out of touch, has nothing to say and is out of talent. The majority of the time he has nothing to say so he either changes the subject, has an outburst or brings up something from his past.

He contributes nothing to the conversation and usually appears bored,disconnected and acts like he is not interested in the topic at hand. How many times have we seen the other 4 have to explain to him what they are talking about because he is out of it and has to catch up.

He really needs to move on.  He is ruining the show. I bet Jehmu Green would love to co-host a show called "The Two" and it could feature those two windbags.

1 comment:

  1. Beckel is what Fox wants him to be: outlandish, overblown, outrageous, badly-informed.
    He's a faux/caricatured "liberal." Just what Fox wants their viewership to believe liberals to be.