Bob Beckel Claims VW Has A Long Relationship With Hitler

Today the Botox'd buffoon on Fox News once again shows his biggoted liberal lunacy. First he went for the race card and said that the reason they didn't want the union in was because they didn't want "Northerners coming down and running this company".

Then when that failed he threw out the civil rights card and took us for a walk down memory lane again and slurred out the words " I worked with the civil rights in that area and so did my Dad" which of course was just another feeble attempt to make himself seem important.

Then when that didn't work he actually states that the reason VW didn't want the union in their plant was because of their relationship with Hitler.

Andrea and Bill  both just throw their hands up in disgust.
Watch this clip and see if you can figure out why Fox News doesn't fire this man.

Fox News Video of Bob Beckel Claims

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