Is Fox News Bob Beckel Drinking Again?

Unaltered photo of Bob Beckel

While we all know that Fox News Bob Beckel is a clown, I have never been able to figure out why Fox hired him in the first place. There are plenty of washed up liberals who could step in and do a much better job than Beckel does representing the Democrats.
There is a serious question floating around  wondering if Beckel had returned to his drinking and drug use. Daily he finds a reason to point out that he is not using drugs or drinking. Daily he goes into his cheerleader mode bragging about his drug and drinking days.
While many people have successfully maintained sobriety, I have never known a person to bring it up daily.
Beckel's screaming and uncontrolled outbursts would also tend to point to a someone who might have fallen off the wagon not to mention that there are times that I can't even understand what he is saying. His words are garbled and he mumbles to the point I have to literally watch his lips to lip read what he is saying.
Yesterday Beckel was off the show for the day. The showed moved along nicely. No outbursts , no screaming and no constant interrupting. Julie was the Liberal seated at the desk and she had fun, gave good arguments and made good points. It was such a stark contrast to when Beckel is on screaming slurring his words and slobbering as he props himself up for 60 minutes.
I am convinced he is back to drinking and doing drugs again. We will have to keep an eye on him and see if there are any more signs he has rolled off the wagon.


  1. I am watching right now and he is definitely on something. He usually speaks pretty clearly and today I can barely understand what he's saying, it's sad and very noticable.

  2. I have no idea why Fox producers were not seeing it. I actually wrote to Fox and kept telling them to do something....Now there is the "back surgery" claim. I don't believe any of it.

    He was probably using drug again, all along.