Fox News Greta Before And After Plastic Surgery

Fox news must have good plastic surgeons on staff. Every one of their anchors appear to have gone under the knife.  It doesn't take them long before their faces are nipped tucked and frozen in time.
Looks like Greta didn't escape the Fox News magic wand.



  1. She has always stated that she had major plastic surgery when she worked for CNN back in 2001. She was on the cover of "People " magazine, and the article featured her before and after photographs. Why do you always focus on the female newscaster's looks so much?

    1. We write about what we get requests to talk about. You would be amazed what people have requested. People are interested in the plastic surgery of the female newscasters. In case you hadn't noticed this isn't a serious news blog and we do cover other topics besides female newscasters looks.
      Thank you so much for reading!