Megyn Kelly SHUT UP!

What is with this woman that she feels the need to scream all her lines that she reads off the teleprompter? I have no idea what her problem is, but I think she is trying to be forceful and thinks it will elevate her to Bill O'Reilly's level. All the screaming  in the world will not do that.
I literally have to turn the volume down if I watch The Kelly File because I can't stand to listen to her scream for an hour. She is the only anchor on Fox that feels the need to scream her lines.
Bob Beckel  from The Five on Fox News, screams daily but that is because he is an angry moron, but I think Megyn Kelly screams because maybe she thinks screaming her lines will make sure that everyone can hear her even if they have left the room.
If her show fails, there is always infomercial's that she can get into.

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