Bob Beckel's Lie Of The Day

Today the self proclaimed Mensa member (yes, he really claims he is a Mensa member), stated that he knows that 80% of the people who have registered for Obamacare have paid. Now Kathleen Sebelius and Jay Carney don't know how many have paid for Obamacare but Bob " Mensa Member" Beckel must have some inside connection because he does know.
Of course he started off by insulting everyone on the Five for not knowing this fact, and then revealed that 80% of the people have paid. Eric Bolling tried quietly to object but them Bob went on babbling so nothing else was said. The rest of the members of the Five went along with his lie because they said nothing.
It amazes me that Beckel lies like this everyday and Fox just let's him continue with the lies.

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