Fox News Ignores Viewers Disgust Over Bob Beckel As They Use Him As Their Expert

Fox News's low class Liberal, Bob Beckel has been selected as Fox's  new "expert" that they parade around from show to show to share his expert wisdom.
For anyone who watches Fox News, you would be familiar with the fact that for some reason, Fox seems to believe that the viewers want to see this buffoon and that his opinion is valued. On any given day, you will see this bloated toad appear, perched on a chair, propping himself up as he leans on the desk as he shares his "brilliant wisdom". America Live, Hannity , Bill O'Reilly  and Red Eye have all brought him on as their "expert". He also co-hosts The Five where he coughs, belches, wipes his dripping nose, breathes like Darth Vadar and screams his obscene and gutter comments. Fox's loyal viewers should not have to  be exposed to that, let alone asked to tolerate him.
Whenever he disagrees with a person's ideological position, rather than thoughtfully disagreeing and debating his point with facts, he instantly screams,  demonizes, lies and bully's the person or group with whom he disagrees. This is merely a textbook “progressive” behavior.
 So predictable and so insulting to the viewers. Beckel's overall demeanor and his lack of refinement would be a much better suited for MSNBC.
If you Google him, you will not see a fan club. You will see forum after forum with complaints and comments about how insulted people are daily.
If we want to watch The Five, we have to endure the daily antics of Beckel and that is bad enough, but then Fox uses him on show after show. This is really the best Liberal they can find?
Beckel's habitual crass and below-the-belt comments as well as his ongoing verbal attacks, screaming, slobbering outbursts and  sexual innuendos belong in a barnyard, not on a Fox News. He especially does not belong with the other  refined people like the ones on “The Five”.
If you would like to share your opinion with Fox, regarding their ongoing support of Beckel, please feel free to email them at:

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