Fox News Bob Beckel Is Allowed To Scream At Colonel North

Once again Fox News just amazes me. Sean Hannity had Colonel North on his show to discuss the situation with Russia. Who did they select as the perfect person to debate the issue with Colonel North? Enter Bob Beckel. It must be because of all of his military experience. Oh wait....he has none. He was busy doing drugs, drinking and protesting instead of joining the military like Colonel North did.
What is Fox News doing? This is who they are choosing to parade around from show to show as their expert?
This is the guy who said  “As usual, when we have a crisis, we pass laws very quickly. And the Patriot Act, if you read it, allowed for a lot of the blanket interpretation for this stuff to happen. The Patriot Act should go away. I know you hate to hear this, but 9/11 is over a decade old. It’s time for us to move on.”
So based on this comment, you can see how out of touch he is yet he is the Fox expert on military strategy.
When the segment started, Colonel North started off with discussing what is going on and how fragile the situation is. Hannity sat back and let Beckel interrupt the Colonel and called started out screaming  out, "Hey Ollie tell me what you would do! Tell me NOW what you would do! Don't just say all this strategy  stuff. Tell me NOW what you would do".
What a total lack of respect for Colonel North and Hannity just sat there and let Bob Beckel scream and insult Colonel North.
I am getting to the point when I see Beckel appear on a show, I just shut it off. If this is the best that Fox News can come up with, then I have no desire to hear what is going to be said.
His lies and screaming and tantrums and insults are getting tiring.
Open your eyes Fox producers. You are losing viewers! Maybe you need to take a look at how Beckel acts.
If he was any place other than Fox News, employees would be filing law suits because of him DAILY!!!

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