Fox News Roger Ailes Thoughts On Gretchen Carlson

It has been said that Roger Ailes is a sexist and that may or may not be true, but what is true is that he is a genius because he as built Fox News from the ground up.
Is he the one reason most of the anchors are blonde women? Is he the reason why certain women sit behind glass desks? Is he the reason Kimberly Guilfoyle's main job these days is wiggling and giggling in an end chair, swinging her leg as she flirts with Bob?
Something tells me that he has his hand in all those decisions.
It was Gretchen Carlson that said :  "pants were not allowed on Fox & Friends."
When one Anchor tried to wear a pantsuit, Ailes said :
"I Did Not Spend X-Number Of Dollars On A Glass Desk For Her To Wear Pant Suits"
So what did Ailes say Gretchen Carlson was Miss America? Well, once when he was in a conversation with a friend Ailes  has pointeded out she was once Miss America, then added, "It must not have been a good year." 

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