Fox Business News Nicole Petalini Thinks Her Skirt Isn't Short Enough

For those of you who have seen Fox Business News's Nicole Petalini report live on TV, then you are familiar with her walk like she is on a cat walk. She strolls along like she is modeling lingerie as she purrs her lines to the camera.
She is a smart woman so,  I always thought it was odd that she felt like she had to display her sexuality like this. I actually find it annoying and distracting.
With that said, it didn't surprise me when I stumbled upon an 5 year old video of Nicole on Fox and Friend's curvy couch.
Nicole sits perched on the couch, with her back arched like she is trying to do a Megyn Kelly pose. Then, as if her skirt isn't short enough, you will see her grab her skirt and intentionally pull it up even shorter. Any higher and they would have had to pixilate her lady parts.

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