Fox News Once Again lets Foul Mouthed Bob Beckel Throw A Tantrum

Is there ever a day that the bloated, Botox'd toad Bob Beckel doesn't swear, lie, attack, and  throw tantrums? Never! And for some reason, Fox News must enjoy Beckel's ignorant, foul mouthed rants.
Today we were victim to hearing Bob slobber all over himself as he blurted out "that son of a b$%#@" when he hijacked the debate to slander Darrell Issa.
I have no idea why Fox expects us, the viewers to tolerate him. I am waiting for a class action law suit to be filed on behalf of all of the viewers who have been insulted for years listening to this foul language everyday.
Oh and one more thing Fox News there a reason you insist on letting this toad eat while he is on air? Hacking, choking, slurping and slobbering on candy while on air only makes  your viewers experience that much worse.
Read the blogs and forums.  You will see that no one likes this moron and you are losing viewers. Do you care?
His rampant vulgarity and violent behavior is out of control. Does Fox New condone this behavior? I guess they do.

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