Is Fox News Megyn Kelly Anorexic?

First, let me be clear, I do not watch The Kelly File. I don't like Megyn Kelly because I think she is the one who has caused all the moving people around and bumping people from their jobs. 2  of the 3 times she returned from her maternity leave, she was promoted and people lost their jobs/time slots. I also do not think she is worth her reported 6 million dollar pay. Getting paid 6 million dollars to scream lines for 1 hr a night is insanity.
Setting that aside, I periodically see her before I change the channel and I notice she is getting skinnier and skinnier. Yesterday, I saw her and her arms repulsive. Her bony, stick arms were sticking out from her sleeveless dress and you could actually see the dip in the end of the bone. Look in the mirror at your arm and see if you can see the end of the bone? I am willing to bet, you will not see it.
Of all the stick figures that prance around Fox News, she is by far the worst.
I am convinced she is anorexic. Take a look at these pictures and see what you think.

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  1. Watching her with Marco Rubio in Hialeah, Florida, I too am convinced she is anorexic. Her legs are no bigger than my sister's right before she died of cancer...disturbing!