Fox News Channel "Outnumbered" Lifts It's Dresses For Ratings

Well, the conservative dresses didn't last long for the ladies on Fox News Channel's new show " Outnumbered". Yesterday they were all covering their thighs and Kimberly Guilfoyle even had her breast implants covered! Today thighs and breasts were unleashed.
Sandra Smith still sat on end with her dress barely covering the lady parts and Harris Faulkner sat towards the center with her big ham thigh exposed. Meanwhile Kimberly Guilfoyle switched seats so she was perched next to Brain Kilmead in the center. Kimberly had her implants barely covered and her dress was unable to cover her massive thigh.  Always classy, Jedediah Bila took the end seat and wore a dress that was conservative but she looked better than the others.
Brain did a good job wading through the pool of estrogen on the couch and kept the show fun and moving along.
One of the topics discussed was about a new dating site where you would not see the person, but you would see pictures of what they liked. Based on likes, you would be matched based and then you could see the picture of what they looked like.
 Kimberly Guilfoyle blurted out that she would show pictures of salami's because she really loves salami.  I am sure that she loves salami's of all shapes and sizes but she especially loves rich salami.
I guess the ratings yesterday weren't high enough, so Roger Ailes  must have decided to have the ladies expose more skin. Fox New Channel's "go to" ratings booster.

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