Fox News "Outnumbered" Fails To Dazzle

Fox News Channel rolled out their new show "Outnumbered" to try to grab some of the younger demographics viewers from the View. It really was a lack luster show for the most part.
I was happy with then choosing Tucker Carlson as their man to debate the ladies. He is fun, intelligent and is a handsome guy.  I feared I would tune in and see Bob Beckel looking like Jabba the Hutt spread out on the curvy couch spewing his sexist, womanizing comments and lies. I guess Fox Executives were at least smart enough to know that Beckel really needs to be propped up behind a desk and I think they have paraded him around from show to show enough.

Actual untouched photo of Bob's belly with food stains on his tie.

I was shocked to see the women were not showing off their cleavage. Even Kimberly Guilfoyle's implants were covered!
Harris Faulkner,  Jedediah Bila, Kimberly Guilfoyle had on very conservative dresses and all their skirts were a normal length except Sandra Smith, who they had placed on the end seat position with her skirt barely covering her lady parts.
Harris Faulkner and Sandra Smith both have those voices made to just read the news but neither one of them  has a personality and are borderline annoying. We will have to wait to see who they have on today.
There was no new spin on this show. It was the same as "The Five". They just sat and discussed daily news topics. The only difference is that they sit on a couch and not a desk and that there was civil conversations the screaming, daily tantrums from Beckel.
If you are interested, it is on at 12 noon. M-F.

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