Fox News Megyn Kelly Makes The Time's Top 100 People

Who knows why but for some reason Megyn is considered a top influential person. My question is, what is the criteria to make this list?
She is the most influential media person? More so than Bill O'Reilly? Brit Hume? More than Diane Sawyer? Barbara Walters? Seriously?
The anorexic, screamer must have been crawling under someone's desk again because she seems to get promotions and win awards that about as deserved as Obama's Nobel Peace Prize.
But with that said there was another desk crawler that made the list and that was Lindsey Lohan.
Megyn Kelly is obviously a liberal so I am sure her husband probably made a few calls and talked to his buddy Hillary and got her on the list.
Maybe next year she will win the Nobel Peace Prize.
By the way, check out this outfit she wore. Is it just me or does it look like she is ready to go on a picnic? She is taking her "sleeveless" fetish to a new level. Next week she will probably be sporting a tube top.

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