Fox News Starts New Show "Outnumbered"

Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Kimberly Guilfoyle and Andrea Tantaros will host a new show on Fox News, in which they and two other women will gang up on one man.

Well, here we go again. Fox executives are cutting news shows in order to try to grab some of "The Views" audience since Barbara Walters is planning to leave soon.
Their pitch is that it will have 4 intelligent women and 1 man debate the daily topics. The women will rotate and so will the one man who will all host the show. They are calling it "Outnumbered" (who came up with that one????) and they really should have name it " Fox's Botox Babes".
OK so I am betting all the women will be young and be seated around a glass desk so old men can stare at their legs yet they claim they are going after the 25-54 demographics. Short skirts, low cut dresses, young, botox'd, breast implants and a glass desk is Fox's criteria for their shows. Maybe if they don't want to attract the old, white men, they should stop using the glass desk display.
This idea is odd since it seems to me that "The Five" is the same concept. 5 people discussing topics of the day. The new brilliant idea is to have more women than men. Wow, what a concept.
I will go ahead and go out on a limb and bet that this will just be another chance for them to parade the old, bloated, foul mouthed, pervert, Bob Beckel on yet another show. He will slobber his lies and inappropriate comments for yet another hour long show.
The show debuts on Monday April 28th.  Let's see which "Botox's Babes" they use as their bait for the day.

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