Fox News Weather Girl Maria Molina's Implanted Breasts Are Too Hot To Cover

Fox News Weather Girl, Maria Molina's implanted breasts were too hot to cover in her sweater the other morning. Maria was dressed in a sweater as she was giving the morning weather report. But for some odd reason, her breasts must have been hot because she had her sweater neatly tucked under her armpits. I guess it was so that her  implants could have a chance to cool down a bit. If you think Maria's breasts are not implanted, think again. If you scroll down below this picture, you will get to take a walk down memory lane when Maria first started at Fox News in 2010.
You can see that Fox has tamed down Maria's look. In 2010, her breast implants are clearly visible and her lips are overly injected with filler. Now she must be trying to be taken more serious because her look has changed.
But even though she had tamed her look, she still obviously likes to make sure that her best assets are front and center stage.



  1. There is no difference in the 2 pictures other than what she is wearing. You are wrong about this.

    1. I think you need to set up an appointment with your eye doctor...2010--puffed up lips, much more makeup, sexier clothing--V cut top vs rounded cut, hair parted differently and more....I think she is beautiful but at 5'0" and 105 lbs, it's quite obvious her upper body is not "natural"