What Is With Fox News Bob Beckel's Hatred Of Muslims?

I thought back to the prostitute and her ring that tried to extort money from Big Boy Mensa Member Bob Beckel.......Well, if you are interested, go to SmokingGun.com and search Bob Beckel's name. You will be able to read all the documents and see that his "20 year old  paid girlfriend" and her partner's names are  Massihi and Abdullah Hamid. Could this be the explanation? Those names sure sound like Middle Eastern names to me.  Her stage name  was Tiffany but her  real name seams to be Middle Eastern.
Go read the documents and see what you think.

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  1. By "stage name" are you
    Insinuating that she works at a topless establishment
    As in a strip of establishment? Easy to assume that's where Beckel hangs out.